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Work With Nofisa

Hi, My Name Is Nofisa & I Help Women Develop The Confidence To Be Themselves Unapologetically, So That They Can Experience Exquisite Happiness, Inner Peace & Create A ‘Turned On’ Lifestyle

Most women decide their dreams and becoming the best version of themselves is no longer possible or too difficult to attain, so opt for comfort zones and excuses instead of going for everything they desire

Many meet an obstacle and cannot figure out how to shift their mindset in order to breakthrough, so give up and settle for an average lifestyle

Many women feel disconnected from their bodies and instead of dealing with what has gotten them to this place and doing whatever it takes to move forward, have begun to accept the story that “this is just the way my life is”


You know you are meant for so much more, yet you may feel stuck where you are right now. However, you are looking for a solution which means you are unwilling to settle

  • You simply want to be yourself without worrying about being criticised or judged
  • You are ready to speak your truth
  • You crave adventure
  • You want to experience killer confidence
  • You desire meaningful relationships
  • You desire the freedom to go after your goals unapologetically
  • You want to be the most beautiful version of yourself both inside and out
  • You want to learn how to truly love yourself
  • You want to create a turned on lifestyle

Are you ready for a change?

Do you often feel stuck, disconnected from your body, unable to speak your truth, paralysed by fear or unsure how to create a more loving relationship with self?

That’s where I come in!

My goal is to support you to create awareness around your current beliefs and how they are shaping your current reality, help you to create peace with your past, make pleasure a priority and take massive action to enable you to begin to see life through a lens of possibility. You will learn both the skills and tools necessary to get unstuck and begin creating the life you crave… Unapologetically

Work With Nofisa

I’ve created lasting confidence for myself and now I want to help you do the same because from this place, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

Tired of feeling stuck, paralysed and over analysing each step you want to make? That can be a drag

Do you wish you had someone to call you out on your excuses and hold you accountable for reaching the targets you set for yourself?

How would it feel to have someone believe in you, when you struggle to believe in yourself?

Maybe it’s time you got clear on your life’s purpose so that you can stop living a life based on other peoples expectations and start living your desires

  • My coaching isn’t for everyone
  • My coaching requires a mindset shift
  • My coaching will uncover patterns that may make a client uncomfortable
  • My coaching will transform an individual if they are willing to commit and do the work
  • My coaching will help an individual create a turned on lifestyle
  • My coaching will support an individual to do what lights them up

Elite Private Coaching

What’s really possible for you in 90 days if you had support, weekly accountability, were committed to your inner work, took 100 % responsibility for your life alongside consistent action?



You will be supported to;

  • Identify the limiting beliefs/stories that keep you stuck in repetitive situations
  • Own your desires! Learn how to be unapologetic about what you truly want
  • Speak your truth
  • Get clear on your next best step so that you can begin to take massive action
  • Create peace with your past, so that resentment no longer blocks your blessings
  • Develop your self confidence and become the woman the world is waiting for

Find out how working with Nofisa on a 1:1 basis, can support you to uplevel your confidence in 2020

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Here’s what happens when women give themselves permission to be supported…

Nofisa was able to help me unpack the cause of my procrastination by getting to the root of my fears. This was done rather quickly because she listened attentively and was able to see things in my emotions that I overlooked. I also appreciate that she explained what I didn’t understand through examples in her own journey,which made her explanations very clear. At the end of the session she follows up with suggested exercises,literature and reminders. This was an awesome experience that elevated my self-awareness.
Tanya Turner, UK

Nofisa opened up some insight into things that were preventing me from moving forward during our telephone session. By the end of the call I had solutions and action plans and felt motivated and empowered to keep moving forward. I highly recommend a call with her!
Chipo Chitewe, UK

After my 1st session with Nofisa I felt both light and exhausted! Who knew I was carrying all of that around with me? She’s super easy to talk to and helped me get to the root of my fear! I cannot recommend her enough, I learnt so much about myself and how I can reprogram and start to move forward! Schola Rose, UK

When I had a session with Nofisa, I had a somewhat basic idea of how it might go. She surpassed all my expectations by getting to the heart of my issues and gently encouraging me to let go of some of my burdens. I had barely started on my journey before now, and she pointed me in a direction that felt right for me, and made me feel so much more confident. And that was just one session! I’m looking forward to starting her 90 day programme with Nofisa and experiencing the new possibilities ahead.
Sara MJ, UK

The session I had with Nofisa was truly eye opening. I am not new to this journey of making my life better and be the best version of myself but I came to a point when I got stuck and I didn’t know how or which way to move forward. I felt a bit helpless at this point . After my session I felt eased and hopeful and strong. I got amazing tools from her that I can implement in my life and I feel really empowered because I can and know how to move forward with everything. It gave me a new kick of positivity and motivation – which is truly priceless. Andi Tajti, UK

The past 6 weeks of coaching with Nofisa has helped me become the woman I was meant to be! She has helped me figure out what has been holding me back, is great at checking in and accountability and has been through the change herself, so can relate!
Megan Orvis, USA

YOU have answered every Question I asked & helped me gain the confidence I needed to launch my BRAND and execute. Thank You for the words of wisdom and support you share anyone who works with you are truly taken care of Asta Cummings, USA



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