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Pleasure comes from giving yourself permission to explore your appetites freely, with no guilt.

Mama Gena

Hey Gorgeous, 

Welcome back to the B.L.O.G (Building a life of Greatness). I have got to be honest with you, I’ve been ignoring the call to step up and create unapologetic conversations on topics such as pleasure, female sexuality and conscious dating. My soul knows without a doubt this is my passion and next step and although I will briefly touch on these subjects in my content and coaching, the ego has been in much fear. For one, I’ve grown up in a home where there were frequent attempts to suppress my freedom, sensuality and vibrancy and as a result, I began to ignore my inner Goddess and all that she stood for. I know I am not alone! It has been a continuous inner battle to begin to free this part of myself however I feel the calling, the time is now. So I invite you to begin your own sensual journey, unique to each and every one of us. A journey where you will explore unknown territory at your own pace, enjoy enchanted experiences and as a result, lift your soul up in the most delightful way. Are you ready? 

Today, I want to dive into the delicious world of prioritising your pleasure. Foreign to many, the idea that life can be fun, exciting and done with ease is a complete shock to the system. Mama Gena, goes as far as to say “…making time for pleasure seems somehow naughty, self-indulgent, or slightly illicit” I remember the days laughing at work was frowned upon by my manager and in more recent years, taking a full lunch break for pleasurable activities was a big NO. There is a culture of working harder and harder, grinding, hustling and fighting to get to your goals, yet never truly enjoying the journey to the top. 

We are currently going through unprecedented times, as the response to the Corona virus outbreak has turned life as we know it upside down (even if it is temporary). With all this extra time on our hands and being forced to stay home, I believe it is a powerful opportunity to reconnect with yourself. To rediscover your passions, reignite your desires and prioritise your pleasure. You get to choose; go through life focused on struggle, drama and ignoring your heart’s desires or to lead a vibrant, unapologetic and pleasing lifestyle. I’m going with the latter, waking up daily and choosing to do life following my bliss. This energy will see you grow in confidence and like a magnet you will begin to attract what is a match to your vibration. Oh I can already see it, women around the world showing up for themselves in a bigger way, letting what feels good be the guide for decisions and to boldly communicate what they want for themselves and from others. Can you imagine it too? 

You may be thinking so where do I start on this pleasure journey? To which I will ask, what feels good? Are you ready to let your intuition be the guide? Are you ready to trust your desires for they were given to you for a reason? To kickstart your journey on the road less travelled, below I share three ways you can sprinkle pleasure into your day so that feeling good becomes your #newnormal.

Your Daily Pleasure Pledge 

Just as an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a pleasure pledge each day will keep stress and anxiety at bay. If you could please yourself in ONE small or big way, what would it look like? Getting your nails done during your lunch break? Making time to cook an exciting meal? A movie after putting in the hours in your business or day job? What can you look forward to on a daily basis? Let the new motto be ‘honour myself first’ for; “…pleasing ourselves is the only answer to our personal happiness and to our happiness as couples or families” states Regina Thomashauer in her book The School of Womanly Arts. I encourage you to set a daily pleasure goal starting right now and notice how committing to this one habit will increase your appetite for excitemen, fun and play. Enjoy!

What Do You Really Want?

This is the time to throw what you should be doing, how you ought to be acting and what the world thinks you must desire out of the window and get in touch with what the heart truly yearns for. You may have just turned thirty and society tells you that now is the time to begin thinking about a family and husband but all you want to do is travel the world and live by the beach. Girl! You better follow what feels good. What do you really want? You see, the more you show up for yourself and live life expressed as fuck, not only are you living your best life, other women will feel empowered and then give themselves permission to do the same. The world needs you and I to connect with what we truly want, because from this happy and vibrant place, we can help so many others to shine their lights and be of better service to humanity. 

So I’ll ask again, what do you really want? Take the time to write a list of at least 10 desires for 2020 and beyond, which you will commit to making a reality. Feel free to share them with me, I am super excited to see you honour your truth. 

Build Your Very Own Pleasure Box

“In order to give pleasure, you have to know pleasure.”

– Mama Gena

I once received the idea to create a basket/box/bag full of pleasurable items for the bedroom. Whether you are single or in a devoted relationship, you can do this! Grab a box and fill it up with sex toys, luscious lingerie, massage oils, treats for those quiet movie nights, handcuffs, sex cheques and whatever else tickles your fancy. Whether enjoying alone time or exploring your partners zones of pleasure, your box will be on hand to provide what you need for every occasion. Don’t miss this step. 

So beauties, how does it feel to begin prioritising your pleasure unapologetically, 24h a day? I guarantee you will be so much more attractive, radiant and confident, an enjoyable sight for all who cross your path. I urge you to take the time to follow the suggested exercises laid out above and stay tuned for more yummy secrets of a magnetic woman.


Pleasure Princess


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