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Hey gorgeous,

Welcome to April… How are you feeling in this period of uncertainty? The whole world is definitely feeling a wave of emotions from fear, to heartbreak, loss and stress, especially for front line workers and those who have lost their loved ones. My prayers go out to you.

As an intense period of adjustment and change,the question I am constantly asking myself is ‘how can I still commit to feeling good?’. First and foremost, we have to consistently give ourselves permission to feel bliss as I know in extreme situations such as when the whole world is affected by a pandemic, it is easy to feel guilty for being happy or even making a lot of money while many are facing financial hardship. Yet I truly believe, this is a time for us to step up to our calling, evolve to our next level and shine the light for others to follow our lead. How do we do this? By first following our bliss. I dare you to take the road less travelled.

Over the last two weeks, I have been enjoying myself in an extremely sensual way. Tuning in to what would feel good, exciting, fun and letting go of the shoulds, musts and have to’s. From creating poetry that ignites passion, long showers, lathering up in delicious oil scrubs to feeling turned-on pleasure through consuming an ice lolly, the world is still our playground, if you will only dare to play.

Become A Student of Sensuality

They say we teach what we most desire to learn and as I dive deeper into the world of sensuality, expanding my knowledge, vocabulary and abilities to please myself in new ways, I will continue to pass on the key learnings and breakthroughs. However, I invite you to begin your own intimate journey with pleasure as it will be different for each and every one of us.

Do you know what turns you on?

Do you know what you really want?

Would you be lost for words if asked where you would like to be taken on a date?

Does the idea and act of solo sex frighten you?

Do you believe it is selfish to prioritise pleasure?

Begin where you feel comfortable. Maybe it is with reading a book on feminine energy or perhaps it is honouring that sexual desire you’ve held in secret for the last couple of years (you are not alone). This is your journey and the only requirement is that you follow your bliss unapologetically. Take out a journal and record your feelings as you embark on your pursuit of pleasure.

Upgrade You

As I sat and spring cleaned earlier this week, I had to admit that I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe. From boring night dresses to silk nighties, from cotton underwear to sexy lingerie and old footwear to heels which bedazzle. It is important to honour these small upgrades which supports us to uplevel our frequency. What happens when you feel good, turned on and vibrant? A whole fucking lot.

…there is nothing more important than feeling radiant…Nothing. When we feel radiant, we get everything we have always wanted. We feel powerful, confident, and in control.

Mama Gena

So what would you like to upgrade right now? Ready to let go of the old to make room for the magic?

Here is the thing I learned. We are all on this journey called life, pleasure is a choice along the way. Yet when we choose to make pleasure the goal by following our bliss, we not only arrive at our destinations with more ease, grace and flow, we are more powerful because of it and can inspire many more women, to create similar results in their own lives.


Until The Next Time…

Pleasure Princess


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