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Nofisa Caseman’s Debut ‘Self Development’ Book

It is time to get out of your own way…

Chapter 30, is a collection of powerful life lessons designed to help you challenge negative belief systems, examine repetitive cycles/patterns, steering you onto a path of empowerment, happiness and success.

Through sharing her own story of overcoming rejection, abandonment and raising a beautiful son as a single-mother, Life Coach, Nofisa Caseman will show you how you too can become ‘unstuck’ and follow the road to success.

Grab a journal and dive into some of Nofisa’s most powerful life lessons in the area of motherhood, relationships, starting a business and womanhood. The goal of Chapter 30: Life Lessons From A Perfectly Imperfect Woman is to create conversations that spark change, prompt healing and the development of self-confidence for many.


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Give yourself permission to be who you are

Right now, I want to change from third person to talk to you directly. It has taken me a long time to love all of who I am and accept the woman I saw staring back at me each day in the mirror. Once I committed to giving myself permission to be all of who I was, flaws and all (that perfectly imperfect woman), my life changed for the better.

In my new book, I offer both real and raw insight into my life experiences up until now. My approach has enabled many readers to relate to the lessons I’ve shared and will both empower and inspire you to overcome your current challenges, take action and move fiercely toward your goals and dreams.

Reader Reviews

I enjoyed it. I feel inspired, it’s given me the extra jolt I needed to continue working towards my visions. Thanks for sharing parts of you to the world. Seeing someone you know make their dreams become a reality makes it that much sweeter and encouraging. Reader (UK)

I love your book, I’m 30 next year April and a single mum of 2. I was apprehensive about the big 3-0, but after reading your book I’m excited. Reader (UK)

When I say I can relate to this book! I really can. I’m only on chapter 12 and I’m obsessed. Having a ceremony at mine Friday night with close friends to do one of the tasks in your book “letter of forgiveness” would never have thought of something like that if it wasn’t for the book! Really thankful to have it! So thank you. Reader (UK)

I have to tell you, when I started my day I was really really down and I picked up your book it really turned my mood around… Everything makes sense and it doesn’t seem like things are so out of reach. Reader (USA)



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