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Mama Gena


Last night was a very special moment in my life. It wasn’t that I had mind blowing sex, went on the most magical date or made a whole lot of money, no none of the above, although Universe please note I am open to all of that too. Last night was so special as I finally gave myself permission to honor my soul’s true calling. 

As I sat on my mother’s sofa talking to my coach Sharon, in the USA, a sense of overwhelm and sadness washed over me. I was discussing how I desired to support women through the work I do as a Healer/Coach, yet I didn’t feel connected to the words coming out of my mouth. I wasn’t lit up and Sharon could feel there was something out of alignment, even from across the Atlantic Ocean. As she began to dig deeper into what I was saying, I blurted out, “you know what would truly light me up, helping women experience epic sex and making pleasure a priority”. “There it is” Sharon exclaimed. The excitement was back, I was comfortable talking about female sexuality, conscious dating and the tools necessary for a woman to live a vibrant, unapologetic lifestyle, yet I had been ignoring the pull to talk about these subjects at length. A sense of relief calmed my soul and relaxed my nerves, as my coach simply said “then this is what you need to be doing now”. 

Shit could it be that simple? Yes! We make it all so fucking hard by focusing on fear, limiting beliefs and self judgement. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the work that I already do in the world however, something was missing, a big part of the puzzle, which I was afraid to piece together for fear of being wronged, judged, rejected and all those negative emotions we spend way too many years trying to avoid. My soul’s calling is bigger than me (and so is yours), the work I will be doing as I move forward will impact women in a powerful way, helping them to reignite another woman’s passion in the process. I am a firm believer that when joy comes first, magic happens. Humanity needs both you and I operating from a place of vibrancy, fun, pleasure and purpose.

Below are a few questions I would like you to ponder on, in hopes that if you are currently feeling uninspired, stuck, shut down or confused about what you should be doing, the clarity from your answers will shed light on your next steps. Grab a journal and let’s get to it; 


What Lights You Up?

If you had to do one thing (or a small handful of things) for the rest of your life, but would never again be paid for your work/service, what could you see yourself doing? Are you happy with your current work/business? If not, what would you love to do instead? Don’t listen to the dream stealers, the individuals who tell you that what lights you up can never provide you with a great income. You are powerful. What God can do for others can be done for you also. You are resourceful with unlimited potential, so now is a great time to focus on what your soul is excited by. Give yourself permission to explore your desires girl.  


Are You In The Passenger or Drivers Seat of Your Life’s Journey?

Drama, parents, society and peer pressure can keep you from your purpose if you are not vigilant and taking the necessary steps to release the past. When we allow fear, drama and others to keep us from manifesting the life we desire, we are giving away our power. Any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You allowed your parents to dictate your occupation 
  • You feel stuck in a relationship that no longer serves you 
  • You hate your current job but complain instead of taking the necessary steps to find another 
  • You fear society will not accept you and your soul’s calling 
  • You feel you must sacrifice your life, happiness and mission for someone else
  • You are still emotionally charged by your ex
  • You allow your past mistakes and failures to dictate your future 
  • You refuse to forgive those who have hurt you 

This is the deeper work that will often require you to dig to uncover the hidden limiting beliefs which hinder your success. Healing your past and transforming limiting beliefs, will ensure you take your power back and develop the self confidence to move toward your mission unapologetically. 


What Is Your Biggest Fear?

I am a sensual woman and proud. I love my body, my delicate curves, my appetite for pleasure, speaking up for what is right and trusting my body to guide me in the right direction. For all that I am, I have had others (including close family members) tell me how wrong it is to be me. 

  • You are too sexy Nofisa
  • Wearing clothes like that is probably why you get harassed
  • You’re a big flirt 
  • Do what I tell you to do regardless of how you feel/what you want
  • You are too loud (works perfectly on stage)
  • You are too open (enabled me to write a book which connects with others worldwide)
  • We don’t talk about sex 
  • You are a Coach, you can no longer share pictures which show your sensual side 

Most of us have grown up listening to the opinions of others to the point of drowning out our deepest desires or being afraid to acknowledge them because of how others will react. What will people say if I discuss sex and self pleasure openly? Will they think I am doing it to get attention? Questions which plagued my mind and clouded my desires until now. 

When it comes to what you truly want to do, what are you really afraid of? Is it judgement? Is it feeling like you are not good enough? Could it be that everything you stand for was not accepted or allowed by those closest to you, so you shut that part of yourself down? I cannot stress the power of honesty with yourself at this moment in time. It may be uncomfortable, you may feel like you won’t be supported however if there is a desire within, it was given to you for a reason and now could be the best time to give birth to it. 

Take the time over the next 24-48 hours to receive the clarity you need to take the next step. If you have any questions, leave a comment or email

Are you ready to play the Game of Life full out? I know I am. 

Until next time gorgeous… 


P.s. If you are feeling called to be, do and have more and would love support to move forward, let’s talk. I am opening up my 1:1/group coaching for a select number of women who are ready to do the inner work, make pleasure a priority and light up the world with all they have to give. To schedule a call and see if we are a fit to work together, click here.


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