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Achieving Our Goals in 2020: Not Even Fear Will Hold You Back

Achieving Our Goals in 2020: Not Even Fear Will Hold You Back

Have you created a vision for what you hope to manifest this year? 

Are you excited? 

What are you willing to do in order to create the life you crave?

Hey there and Welcome to my B.L.O.G (Building a Life Of Greatness), OK I just made that up as I was writing, but I like this acronym so let’s run with it. As this is my first official post of 2020, I wanted to start with talking about moving past fear to achieve our goals.

My big, scary, audacious goal is to go full time in my business (making a minimum of £5k per month consistently) as a Coach, Author, Healer and Speaker, in 2020. This goal is forcing me to move out of my comfort zone and into ACTION, it is scary yet exciting to see progress and actual results. So,today I want to share 3 powerful lessons I have learned, which will support you in some way, shape or form to move closer to being, doing and having all that you desire this year. Let’s get started; 


Become Aware of Your Blocks 

What are the stories, limiting beliefs, fears and doubts which prevent you from moving forward? What do you worry about? Have you ever sat down and unpacked your fears? Most will stay in the drama instead of digging deep to uncover what is really going on. So as you move toward your desires this year, get curious about the uncomfortable emotions coming up for you, here are some questions/statements to journal on;

  • What am I experiencing in this moment which won’t allow me to move forward? 
  • I feel blocked because… (let it out, do not censor)
  • What is the worst that can happen if I face this fear? 
  • What am I gaining from holding on to this story/belief/fear? 

Awareness is the first step to change, start becoming aware of what is going on for you emotionally, so you can continue to move forward faster. 


Let Your Why Be Bigger Than Your Fear

OK, you are clear on your goals, you are excited, you begin to take action but then it hits you so hard. FEAR! You feel paralysed, you question if you will ever achieve what you set out to do, you second guess your direction, you quit showing up and then you stop! Once again, self sabotage is winning the battle and achieving your goals feels like a struggle.

Ever feel this way?

Yup I know it all too well, self-sabotage and I go way back. We are separated now but oh how he attempts to come back and wreak havoc in my life once in a while. So what do you do when faced with fear? I’ve learned that we must stop resisting it and begin to accept that although this situation feels scary, it doesn’t mean quit or stop, it really is just fucking scary and continue to take the action. 

Knowing your WHY helps with reaching your goals. Why are you starting a business, losing weight, or focused on attracting a soulmate? Get excited about your mission, purpose, the impact you will create when you achieve what you want. Let this become bigger than the fear and keep moving forward. 


P.V.S Your Way To Success

I learned this system from one of my Theta Healing teachers and love it;


They say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. How are you going to move forward? What tools, steps and support do you need? Have you created some kind of plan, whether a schedule or outline to ensure you stay on track? 


Visualise your success! I found this challenging after starting in business as I kept focusing on what would happen if I didn’t achieve my goals. Energy is powerful and so are our thoughts and words, so let’s make it a habit to stay in the energy of possibility, by focusing on what we want. My next step will share what you can do to keep this up.


Being held accountable is a powerful way to stay in the energy of momentum. Who has your back and is ensuring you do what you said you would do, long after you say it? I have a coach to keep me accountable and I also have business besties who are on a similar path and we check in to ensure each of us is continuing to move in the right direction. I also have my theta healing circle, a group of healers  where we can reach out and help each other to shift the negative energy and limiting beliefs when our ‘stuff’ comes up. 

Get around people who want you to win. Take a look at our group coaching community, The Perfectly Imperfect Woman’s Circle, nobody should be on this journey alone. 

I hope these important lessons have helped you as they really have supported me to get out of my stories and into action as frightening as it can be at times. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments. If you have found this blog post useful, HIT the share button and let your networks know what is helping you on your self confidence success journey. 

Until the next post… 



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